The Beach Boys at LB Day Amphitheatre

The Beach Boys Tickets

LB Day Amphitheatre | Salem, Oregon

We are SO charged about the most amazing info to come out of the pop world at the moment…it's the supreme thing we've heard all year, this may be a surprise but The Beach Boys has tickets on general release for the fall, 2022 states tour! Pop lovers are already creating a total frenzy because tickets are in limited supply for this Saturday evening of eye catching pop and more this September, and obvious fanatics are grabbing them in a VERY fast fashion! If you want some tickets for the night down at LB Day Amphitheatre, Oregon, Salem for Saturday 3rd September 2022 look no further, we will do all the work from here…can you see the small 'GET TICKETS' link just above? Well, follow it right away to bag yours this instant!

Have ever visited LB Day Amphitheatre in Oregon, Salem? Well it is known as one of the unrivalled venues for holding pop concerts in the state and pop lovers are always boasting about it…all of those wonderful amenities to offer, the staff are so friendly and there is such a wonderful vibe as soon as you enter those doors, right up until the end of the night…did you ever wonder why there are such high class ratings? LB Day Amphitheatre is unbelievable! And what better act to play at this important place? Well its pretty obvious…The Beach Boys is really quite famous at the moment….Pop fans go crazy just to hear the name! The fall, 2022 tour of the states looks pretty wild and yourself and the pop fan buddies could actually be in attendance on Saturday 3rd September 2022! Imagine that! Buy some tickets to a Saturday evening of eye catching pop music this September, it's SO simple, we can direct you via the 'GET TICKETS' icon….this is a unique opportunity, watch your best loved stars live on stage! CLICK BUY, NOW!

The Beach Boys at LB Day Amphitheatre

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