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If you haven’t experienced the legendary concerts and live show events at the L.B. Day Amphitheatre then you are missing out! This historically successful venue has drawn crowds from Salem, Oregon and all nearby cities to one of the most popular outdoor venues in the western half of the country. The venue has a full season lineup of amazing concerts, shows, and special events that feature rousing performances by the biggest names in entertainment. Over 8,000 fans, music-lovers, and concert-goers flock to the venue to catch the next big show with many calling the L.B. Day Amphitheater has become the entertainment destination on either side of the country.

Right now, box offices across the country are selling tickets to upcoming shows and events. That means your seat could be gone if you don’t act now. But you can skip the lines and order your tickets while supplies last by checking out this website. These pages will share everything you need to plan your trip to the venue; from parking and driving information to rules and policies, and the best places for pre-show dining. You will also find a complete what’s-on-stage guide so you can select the best show, concert, or event for you. If you want to experience the biggest outdoor venue in Oregon, then there’s one thing left to do.

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